t’tt’’ not tattoo

    (T’TT’’) / t’tt’’
    Learning Algorithms as material and medium

Running with the notion of making Machine Learning material by way of collborating with learning algorithms.  

An interest-driven exploration of machine learning (e.g. learning algorithms) as a material and medium; as an intentionally creative medium. Co-creating tattoo flash with learning algorithms.

I have recently been inspired by the different ways that tattoos have been applied to the skin in the past, and have been thinking of ways that I could bring these elements into my work.” 

As tattoos became more popular in the mid 20th century, there was a greater range of options available to the tattooist. 

The needles became more powerful and the skills and knowledge of the tattooist increased. 

As the tattoo industry grew in the 1970s, many tattooists became artists and began to use different mediums to create tattoo art. 

With the introduction of Photoshop, many people today are able to create their own tattoo designs on their own computers. 

The surface of the skin is a canvas that can be painted on, and I thought it would be interesting to explore ways of creating new tattoo art by combining these mediums.

I love to explore the options available to tattoo artists, and the different ways that tattoo artists have developed in their methods of working. 

I enjoy the idea that tattooing, as a traditional craft, has been used for many years to express people’s inner feelings. 

I like to think that my designs also have the same function.