a recursive style




    (T’TT’’) / t’tt’’
    On embracing the constraints of the algorithmic medium

Using these new materials to augment our artistic abilities.

What was once limited by the abstraction of a meme [as genetic idea] can now be codified into the algorithmic material of a work that demands to exist under simple artistic pretenses and to propagate that demand to exist for the sake of art.

Drawn to recursive things, that durably repeat with little or no external effort. Initially limiting ourselves to what could be near-fully automated. Now embracing the results of emergence and human intervention.

Avoiding over-indexing on scaling without shying away from scale to inhabit the process of making with learning algorithms, as a creative endeavor.

Accepting the output (artifacts) borne of today’s learning algorithms and AI-Art tooling.

Clustering aesthetic discovery without constraint on exploration.